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Patient Testimonials

"The corrective surgery was awesome! I was reading a book the same day. I honestly cannot believe how much I was not seeing before. Colors are brighter, and whites are whiter. It is wonderful –slam-dunk! The surgery was easy, painless, and I am looking forward to having the other eye done soon. I recommend this to everyone I know. Life with great vision is the best!"
- Sandi A.
"I am so happy with the new lens I received during cataract surgery. Seeing distance without glasses is great! In retrospect, I would have paid the price to have the lens where I did not need glasses to read. It was always a nuisance to have them hanging around my neck."
- Pauline K.
"Wow! It is absolutely fabulous to have such great sight after having my “Restore” lens. It is a joy having close, intermediate, and distant vision without glasses. Thank you Dr. Duzman and all the staff in the office!!"
- Patient
"My experience with cataract surgery:The lens implanted was the Crystal lens brand. The operation was easy and painless. The results were amazing! There are now colors that I have not seen in years, especially in the blue spectrum.  Sharpness for distance and computer reading is excellent! With 2.00 reading glasses, I can read 6point type style. Certainly, I am very glad that I had it done."
- Miles S.
"I wanted to let you know how happy I am that I had cataract surgery. I have not worn glasses since the surgery. Thank you for everything!"
- Marilyn G.
"I am a very happy woman. I can read without glasses. I can read a book, menu, and the price tag on clothing while I am shopping. This lens is wonderful and should be chosen for the best vision a person can hope to have."
- Judy T.
"I am pleased with my cataract surgery. I had the Restore lens implanted in both eyes, and have not needed to use glasses ever since! I was pleased with Dr. Duzman and the staff was very kind and helpful. My only negative was the intermediate vision, which was explained to me and is something that I can adjust to. It’s is miracle!"
- Joan W.

"I cannot thank you enough fro bringing my vision back to normal. It is really a blessing to know that there are people like you with compassion and professionalism. I feel younger and my sight is so good now! I wish everyone knew of you and the way you care about people and their wellbeing. From the bottom of my heart “thank you”. I wish you all “all the colors of the rainbow”.

P.S. At no time did I ever experience any pain during or after the surgery. I had the Restore lens and what a wonderful product!"

- Jerry B.
"My experience with cataract surgery was just as I expected it to be, wonderful. Their was no pain during or after the surgery, and everyone I encountered was professional, competent, and pleasant. For the first time since I was a teenager, I can drive without wearing glasses. I could not believe how different colors looked. I did not realize how much the cataract had tinted my view of the world. If I had to do it over again I would put my vision in the hands of Dr. Duzman."
- Chris A.
"I recently had cataracts removed by Dr. Duzman and the results were over whelming. I had not realized how poor my vision had become until after the first eye was done. I could not wait to do the other eye. The results were fantastic! I could see better than ever without glasses. This was due to the Restore lens. It gives me excellent vision at any distance. I immediately was seeing 20/20 for distance and 20/15 close up and for reading. Everything I see now is clear, bright, and colorful.

Dr. Duzman’s staff was wonderfully kind, helpful, and gracias. Dr. Duzman is an excellent surgeon and I always felt like I was in safe hands. I recommend Dr. Duzman, his staff, and the Restore lens. What a difference this has done for me! "
- Bruce A.
"A lovely Christmas present to myself, reading without having to look for my glasses! I had cataract surgery on my first eye in September and my second eye in December both with the Restore lens. Dr. Duzman and his staff took excellent care of me. The staff at Hoag was wonderful as well. This is a new type of lens and I am very lucky it came along at this time."
- Barbara E.