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Eye Examinations for All Ages

An eye examination is an integral part of your general yearly physical. In the same way that your medical doctor performs your yearly physical, it is important to have your eye examination performed by an ophthalmologist like Dr. Duzman, who is a trained medical doctor with additional specific training in eye diseases. During your examination, Dr. Duzman will check the condition of the whole visual system starting in the eye, and all the way to the back portions of the brain where vision is processed. Eye health is an important part of general health. There are many eye conditions that have no symptoms and can only be detected and addressed with a proper eye examination by a trained ophthalmologist. Diseases like Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular degeneration and mild refractive errors that can cause headaches are often recognized with a proper eye examination. Also, there are many genetic conditions that may run in your family and can only be detected through a complete yearly eye examination. In addition, there are numerous diseases that manifest themselves in the eye. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and toxic effects of certain systemic medications can be diagnosed through an eye examination. Early treatment of these diseases can help keep your vision and help in keeping you healthy.

During your yearly eye examination, Dr. Duzman inquire about your past medical history, family history, past eye history, medications you take and allergies to any medications. Dr. Duzman will examine your vision, eye pressure and will look at all the eye structures for any changes. Your pupils will be dilated so that a thorough examination of your retina can be performed. If there are indications of eye disease, additional tests will be recommended and discussed with you. If you have any eye complaints however minor, please mention them to your family physician so that they can refer you for a proper and complete eye examination.


Young Styles Children's Eye Care

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